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Welcome to "A ROOM WITH A VIEW" Online Project

hosted by Jennifer Wagner.

Dates:  August 10, 2008 to June 10, 2009

Ages:  PreK - Sixth Grade Students WorldWide

Main Idea:  To capture a monthly picture of the view from a classroom window throughout the year and watch how the scenery changes.  To be able to write descriptions of what they see change and to also share with other clasrooms about what they have observed.

Technology Objective:  To have teachers and students learn to upload to an online arena to showcase their projects.


You WILL need to either create your own wiki, create your own webpage, OR use any of the photo album sites to pst your images too.  Each of the album sites listed on the resource page will provide you with directions on how to use the site.  If you create your own wiki, please click HERE for a free PBWiki account.


Project Ideas:

1.  Students take a picture from a classroom window ONE TIME PER MONTH.

2.  Students will upload the picture to a photo sharing site and also write a description of what they have seen.   The description also needs to include date, time of day, weather, and temperature. 

3.  Students and teachers (if they wish) will be paired up with another classroom(s) to provide an opportunity of collaboration outside their classroom to discuss what they see from their room. 

4.  Email the WEBSITE LINK of your project to Jennifer (see contact page).  She will add the link to the wiki!!

5.  Once you have sent your link, you will be added to the WIKI and will be able to leave comments to other classrooms and also make comments and/or add suggestions to the project.

6.  An email reminder will be sent out once a month during this project.


Here is an example of how a classroom will be participating:





IF YOUR ROOM DOES NOT HAVE A WINDOW -- you can still be a part of this project.

Just find a location on your campus that you wish to take a picture of once a month, perhaps the front of your school, a tree on your campus, whatever works for you.  And then, each month, THAT is where you will take the picture!!


Please use this template:   rwavdestemplateb.pdf

to help you describe your picture.



This work (project and graphic) is licensed under a Creative Commons

Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivs 3.0 License

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